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Simon Denyer’s Book Rogue Elephant Reveals Indian Politics

While the politics of India can be a messy subject, former Washington Post correspondent Simon Denyer lays it all out in his book Rogue Elephant. In this book, he makes it easy to understand how India has come a long way as a developing nation, but also how it may have a perilous future ahead under the leadership of Narendra Modi. Written just prior to the election of Modi as Prime Minister, this book is a great look at the chaotic nature of politics in India.

The End of Progress?

Though the previous administration was rampantly corrupt, it did accomplish great things for India and was the driving force behind it becoming a major rising superpower. However, the people had many issues with it, such as a conflict between farmers and the government, and the fact that the government did little to curb violence against women. With public opinion turning, the Singh administration was ousted democratically, and replaced with Narendra Modi’s admin which would backtrack in several key areas.

One of Simon Denyer’s biggest concerns is Modi’s turn away from the secular nature of the Singh administration. This secularism reflected the growing nature of the Indian voter base and helped create a time of unprecedented peace between the Hindus and Muslims. However, Modi seems to have a disdain for secularism, in addition to several other traits that Simon Denyer finds questionable, such as his need for media attention, and his autocratic leadership style that may threaten democracy.

Political vs Economic Factors

Former Washington Post correspondent Simon Denyer also finds it ironic that most educated Indians have a problem with the country’s political structure despite advances in India’s politics over the years being its greatest victory. On top of this, he says that India’s economic progress has been directly linked to its political process. Even so, he is hopeful because the Indian people care greatly for their country and seek to improve it to know more click here.

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Key Events In The Life of Alddo Molinar

Most successful career people have various values that keep them in pursuit of their dreams and vision. These values keep them grounded and consistent in their career path. Alddo Molinar is a successful anesthesiologist working at the East Ohio Regional Hospital. His career path story holds remarkable key values that can be used to inspire others. Here are some of the key events that have made Alddo Molinar who he is.


His Citizenship


Being born to immigrant parents gave him motivation to work harder to fend for their needs. Alddo Molinar was also the first to gain citizenship in his family. This made it essential for him to take advantage of the American opportunity for his family and himself.


Loss of His Relatives


Critical Care Medicine Expert Alddo Molinar


The aspect of experiencing loss paved the way for his passion towards pain alleviation. Alddo Molinar made a critical decision to pursue a career that will create a solution towards reducing pain suffering. Besides professionally pursuing education in the medicine field, he also in his spare time served the community in various clinics.


Value of Teamwork


Alddo Molinar’s office is mainly situated in the operating room. He notes that his line of work requires the involvement of qualified personnel working together harmoniously to meet the needs of a patient. He believes in motivating his team towards achieving great victories in the operation room. This he does by consistently nurturing and cultivating a winning spirit towards the end goal being the patient’s wellbeing.


Work as Anesthesiologist

He emphasizes on consistently keeping himself motivated as an anesthesiologist. To do so, he ensures he prepares himself adequately for his work. Alddo Molinar scheduled Saturdays as his time to make follow-up calls to his patients. This allows him to improve on his patients’ general service. In addition to that, he keeps notes of his ideas and his daily work. This enables him to prioritize the important goals to be done and allocate time for other goals.

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United Airlines Partners With ZeroAvia

In recent developments for the popular airline company’s push towards carbon neutrality, United Airlines has contracted energy research and development company ZeroAvia. They did this to refit its hydrogen-electric fuel cells to power chartered passenger planes. The ZeroAvia team has been testing its ZA2000-RJ model engine on test flights with small aircraft, with current runs on a small Piper M six-seater plane completed successfully. 


The ZeroAvia aviation company wants to move up to 10-40 seat aircraft by 2028, with the range and capacity slowly increasing over the years. The huge and vital milestone with this recent partnership is to fit a hydroelectric fuel cell to the United CRJ-550 regional jet model, which would make the 50 seat passenger plane standalone in premium air travel. As ZeroAvia states, United Airlines has been making similar partnerships with different energy and technology sectors.


ZeroAvia and United Express


This, after Scott Kirby pledged the company to hold zero emissions in conducting its flights by the year 2050. Before signing on ZeroAvia, Kirby had approached air taxi company Archer to buy over 200 of the startups VTOL air taxis for chartered United. While other companies are testing fully electric air flight, the timetable for any commercialized electric flight is still unsure. According to ZeroAvia staff members, one deterrent to progress has been the calculated weight of the batteries capturing most of the plane’s lift with little left to carry passengers or cargo. 

Kirby has noted that in the field of alternative power sources, hydrogen-electric cells with hybrid technology make the most sense for sustained air travel. The agency wants to see its fleet start to convert over by 2028, with United Express booking charters on zero-emission flights in as little as the next decade. As a company focused on renewing flight and travel, ZeroAvia founder and CEO Val Miftakhov has expressed the major boost to their cause the partnership with United has brought to their mission.