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How The IM Academy Has Improved The Trading Skills For Forex Traders

Forex Trading is one of the most lucrative investments in the current digital world. However, forex trading is extensively wide and extremely technical, especially to beginners compared to experienced and knowledgeable forex traders. As a result, several organizations, such as the IM Academy, have come up with practical solutions to ease the technicalities involved in forex trading by providing online educational services and skills to those who want to be successful forex traders.

The IM Academy offers a variety of courses and learning modules exclusively online via their website. Currently, the organization has over 234,000 active subscribers who actively accesses the IM platform to gain the knowledge and skills required in forex trading. After subscription, learners can choose whether to dive into the deep ends of forex trading or learn about the basics, depending on their capabilities.

Over the last ten years, IM Corporation has impressively grown from a small organization to a large, globally recognizable, and legally registered organization with its headquarters in New York City. Its top-quality services have made IM Academy stand out from other educative forex trading organizations. The IM Academy offers four distinct learning modules known as academies that learners can access via a referral code from an IBO.

Each learning module is unique based on a learner’s preference, experience, and knowledge. The first and easiest academy is the FRX Academy which provides the basics and history of forex trading. In addition, it helps learners understand the buying and selling in the market, the analysis of trends, and risk management planning. The DCX, HFX, and ECX Academies explain the deep technicalities of forex trading.

After completing each academy, each learner must complete a test or quiz that will automatically determine their understanding of what they have learned. IM Academy also provides a discount bundle package known as Elite Academy that ensures learners make substantial savings. Follow this page on Instagram, for related information.


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ClassDojo: A Tool That Lets Teachers Log-in to the Classroom via Their Mobile Device with PubNub

Using the PubNub Real-Time Network, ClassDojo has managed the lifecycle of a potentially chaotic real-time communications service for tens of thousands of educators worldwide. PubNub Real-Time Network could connect with classDojo’s iPad/iPhone apps and web-based teacher portals to provide the crucial social component, which was all too appealing to education apps.

While the app remains in closed beta, we wanted to highlight how the whole ClassDojo stack works together to understand better how the system works. The app provides the application software that allows teachers to display a real-time count of their students’ scores to improve. The community is provided with a web service that stores all of the student data used by the teacher to score and maintain scores.

To start, administrators and teachers were “intimidated by the technology.” Administrators were unwilling to become data-driven because the capabilities of these software solutions are often more limited than what they are used to. The teachers were also concerned about managing their data. This is the plight of many educators and administrators we work with every day – their requirements are simple to explain and immediately understandable but have become increasingly complex.

PubNub is a communications platform that allows developers and enterprises to create scalable real-time communication software. Many enterprises use PubNub to power the core infrastructure that powers their internal messaging platforms (see our Real-Time Strategy page for more information). PubNub is a great platform to build real-time solutions that connect with web browsers or mobile devices. The only requirement to build real-time messaging services for your business is a few lines of code and open source libraries.

How does the software work? ClassDojo uses PubNub software libraries to detect when the app is running and deliver cues and notifications via push notifications to the class from the education app mobile application or server. Dominick Bellizzi, CTO of ClassDojo, explained the market impact of ClassDojo’s switch to PubNub: “The ability to provide world-class service to our student members was limited due to the limitations of the technology at that time.”