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Why Citizen App Is Informing Community Members About Heavy Police Presence In Their Neighborhoods

Police presence has always raised some major questions within various neighborhoods in the United States. This was not an issue many years ago. However, in the current settings, there is a huge distrust between the police and the members of the community. That is why people tend to panic or look for exit routes when they come across heavy police presence in the community. There is always a suspicion that something wrong has been done or is about to happen.

Traditionally, police used to communicate their presence which would help in ensuring that the members of the public were relaxed as they had information about what was transpiring. However, in the current police training, there seem to be some huge pieces of data that are missing, especially when it comes to communicating with the members of the public. This is an issue that has widened the relationship between the police and the community to some large extent.

The entry of Citizen App in this industry is currently focused on ensuring that all the details and challenges affecting the community have significantly changed. This means that people are actually trying hard to access information about heavy police presence so that they can easily determine the next cause of action. Citizen App has been a huge source of change in the communities because it provides sufficient details in this regard.

Citizen App is not trying to create a wedge between the community and the members of the public. This is an innovation that is only designed to present information to those who are interested in security details. It is necessary to understand the reason why there is a heavy police presence in the community. In most instances, there could be some robbery ongoing, which the members of the public and especially those in such neighborhoods are entitled to know.

Citizen App works with the Citizen Weather Observer Program and using a network of smart sensors around the country; it has access to weather data in real-time. Citizen application users can opt-in to receive notifications about nearby severe weather, including hail, high winds, tornadoes, tsunamis and more. Go here for related Information.


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