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Biography of Luis Horta e Costa

Luis Horta e Costa was born in Portugal on 16th July 1879. He is best known for inventing the first industrial warship, a torpedo boat named “Feteira,” which was later improved and used by the revolutionaries of 1917.

Luis Horta e Costa read law at the University of Coimbra and joined the Ministry of War during World War I, where he submitted a plan to create an armored ram-type warship. The military accepted his plan, and a ram-type warship was constructed in 1917 using Horta e Costa’s design.

Horta e Costa created an improved version of his warship, with an engine and a wireless radio system to communicate with it. He was late in getting his warship into use as the Spanish Republican forces ceased funding the war effort once they gained victory over the last of their opponents. Later, he joined the Anti-Fascist committee from 1931 to 1933, Operation Défensa from 1932 to 1936, and later joined Anglo-Portuguese Economic Association (APEA) and others until he died in 1939.5

Portuguese revolutionaries used Horta e Costa’s warship during the civil war that followed World War I. However, it was destroyed by an explosion during the Battle of Alcácer Quibir in July 1917.

Luis Horta was also the Minister of Finance from 1927 to 1928 and Secretary of State for the Colonies from 1928 to 1930. He was a member of the Provisional Government after it deposed the monarchy.8 He is often referred to by his nickname “Bébé” by those close to him, a title originating from when Horta e Costa worked in Spain on General Franco’s staff during World War I.

In 1932 he was appointed as Vice-President and later President of the Anglo-Portuguese Economic Association (APEA), which had been founded under his leadership in 1931 with its headquarters in Lisbon.


Keter Group’s Sustainability Efforts

Founded in Israel in 1948, Keter has grown to become one of the largest resin-based consumer goods manufacturers in the world. With 21 plants located in Israel, North America, and Europe, and with products available in more than 25,000 retail stores worldwide, Keter has established itself as a leader in the outdoor furniture and home and garden products industries.

Keter is an innovator in the design and manufacturing of sustainable products for both residential and commercial applications. It uses only the best and most recyclable materials and materials derived from minimal virgin resources. With a focus on innovation, it strives to deliver durable, reusable products that consumers can enjoy year after year. The company is committed to delivering business value by integrating ethical and sustainable practices into all aspects of the company.

In order to meet its sustainability goals, Keter has adopted an ambitious roadmap to reduce its carbon footprint. Using recycled content in its manufacturing processes is a key step toward achieving its goal of incorporating 55 percent recycled content into its products by 2025. In addition, Keter has introduced an initiative called ‘Community Connection’ that encourages employees to make a difference in their community. As part of this program, employees have picked up enough trash to fill five storage units, which is a big help in reducing the company’s impact on the environment. The goal is to increase recycling rates in its markets.

Keter’s Sustainability Efforts: In October, Keter announced its partnership with UBQ Materials, an Israeli-based developer of a climate-positive thermoplastic material. UBQ is a bio-based thermoplastic material that can substitute for raw materials like wood. This material has significant environmental benefits and is cost-effective in comparison to plastic. UBQ’s process converts household waste into climate-positive materials that can be used in a variety of applications.


Animation Filmmaker

Skydance Animation, under John Lasseter’s Leadership, Has Grown Exponentially

Lasseter’s resume speaks for itself. His position as Chief Creative Officer of Skydance Animation continues to grow the division at a rapid pace. Skydance Animation, Luck, and Spellbound have made a name in the market thanks to his solid leadership.

Skydance Animation has already made a name for itself with some latest releases, including Kung Fu Panda 3. The movie enjoyed massive success at the box office last year, earning over $1 billion worldwide! Kung Fu Panda 3 made history by becoming DreamWorks’ third highest-grossing film ever – behind only Shrek 2 ($441 million) and Shrek the Third ($441 million).

The film also set an impressive record by becoming the second animated movie to gross over $500 million domestically behind Frozen ($400 million). With numbers like these, it’s easy to see why Skydance Animation is on its way to becoming one of animation’s biggest players in just five short years since its inception!

Lasseter, the former head of Walt Disney Animation Studios, also worked on a sequel to the Pixar film Toy Story 4. John Lasseter has won multiple awards for his work in animation, including two Oscars (for Tin Toy and Cars), one Golden Globe (for Ratatouille), one Emmy (for Tin Toy), and four Annie Awards (for Tin Toy, Luxo Jr., Red’s Dream, and Toy Story).

After a six-month sabbatical following the #MeToo movement, John Lasseter returned to Skydance Animation as head of the company, according to an announcement on Friday. John Lasseter now has a crucial role at Skydance. He added: “Skydance’s visionary films and its commitment to quality storytelling have helped define animation as a genre, and I am excited about its future under David Ellison’s leadership.”

Lasseter has had a passion for animation since he was a child. Some of the films he worked on include The Brave Little Toaster and The Fox and the Hound. In 1984, John Lasseter took a position with Pixar after being hired by Ed Catmull to help create computer-animated films. He directed Toy Story in 1995.


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Jonas Lauren Norr Has Been Appointed to Crest Resources Inc. Board of Directors

Crest company has announced that they are entering into a joint venture with the company Ethos Real Assets located in San Francisco. Jonas Lauren Norr is the founder of this corporation that specializes in highly innovative technologies and other business functions.

Crest and Ethos Real Assets are co-developing specific deep tech systems and products. No stranger to the Silicon Valley region, famed for its many tech companies based there, Norr offers his longstanding technological business experience, and Crest Resources Inc. has appointed him to their board of directors.

Jonas Lauren Norr is a pioneer of deep technologies that are designed to solve many world problems. His business background includes infrastructure projects, real assets, renewable energy, bio-tech ventures, education, media and many more. He is probably best recognized for his interests and experience in new innovations designed to solve common problems that legacy companies tend to experience over time.

Mr. Norr is also known for focusing on making a positive social impact by operating on a forward-thinking business model. Jonas Lauren Norr prides himself on always implementing this dynamic strategy in every business venture that his company tackles.

Crest Recourses Inc. is dedicated to the acquisition, exploration and evaluation of mainly mineral assets. The company is in British Colombia, and these mineral assets are from Peru, Canada and Australia. They also focus on topnotch mining technologies, and the company is known for providing their investors with spot-on advice and assistance.

Crest Recourses Inc. has also been acquiring new key investments, and the planned partnership with Mr. Norr will help both business leaders to move forward in their mutually relevant business ventures into the near future and likely beyond. The company has launched their investment venture plan to expand their reach into other new markets.

One thing remains crystal clear, Jonas Lauren Norr should be right in his preferred element with this upcoming shared venture. Norr provides resources and support for any novel, deep technologies that are discovered by Stanford Research Institute. This background makes Mr. Norr a perfect candidate for this new combined company venture, learn more about Jonas Lauren Norr.

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Sudhir Choudhrie, the Founder of Magnum International Trading Company      

Sudhir Choudhrie has been a prominent figure in the business world for a significant period. He began his life in Delhi, India, and later became a citizen of Britain in 2010. Sudhir has explored numerous ventures in his career, including establishing Magnum International Trading, partnering with Taj Hotels, and serving as a non-executive director at Ebookers PLC.

Sudhir Choudhrie participates in philanthropy, and his flexibility has enabled him to know the value of hard work and the meaning of alliance. He created Adidas Indian Trading in 1995, which was among India’s first sports trading centers. This establishment has over 180 stores and manufacturing facilities across India. Sudhir also invested in the first airline in India, which was established with one plane. It took this airline five years to grow into a significant budget airline that could carry millions of passengers.

Sudhir Choudhrie has had various personal issues. When he was young, he was diagnosed with a heart condition that led to a failing heart. He received a heart transplant in 1999 in New York after doctors discovered that he couldn’t live with his condition for long. After serving in the business field for a long time, Sudhir uses his experience to foster businesses across various sectors, including banking, energy, and real estate. He aims to leverage his significant knowledge to his consumer’s advantage, identifying terminal defects that he can fix before they cause havoc.


Technology and times may change but running a business’s main agenda is profit. Mr. Choudhrie knows how to enable companies to grow, meet their customers’ needs, and flourish. Sudhir is a crucial advisor to C&C Alpha Group, based in London, and the vice chair of Alpha Corp Development Pvt Ltd, which is focused on constructing and managing malls, townships, residential buildings, and office spaces in India.

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Steve Lesnard on Sephora’s Return to UK

Cosmetics retailer Sephora is set to make a return to the UK market after more than a decade away. The company has appointed Steve Lesnard, former global chief brand officer at The North Face, as its new global chief brand officer.

Steve Lesnard Archives - Active Management

Lesnard has a long history in the sports and apparel industry, having spent 15 years in a variety of roles, including global category brand director and global brand director. He then moved on to become the chief marketing officer at The North Face, where he played a key role in driving the company’s growth.

37 - Steve Lesnard, The North Face & Nike | CreatorIQ

As Sephora’s new global chief brand officer, Lesnard will be responsible for developing and executing the company’s global brand strategy, as well as overseeing all of its marketing and communication efforts. He will also be tasked with driving the company’s expansion into new markets, including the UK.

In a statement, Lesnard said that he is excited to join Sephora and help drive the company’s growth. “Sephora has a strong heritage and a powerful brand, and I am thrilled to be a part of the team that will help take the company to new heights,” he said.

Sephora was founded in France in 1970 and has since become a global beauty retail powerhouse, with more than 2,300 stores in 33 countries. The company’s return to the UK will be welcomed by many beauty fans, who have had to rely on online shopping or trips abroad to purchase Sephora’s products in recent years.

Lesnard’s appointment comes at an exciting time for Sephora, as the company looks to expand its presence in the UK and other markets. With his experience in the sports and apparel industry, as well as his proven track record in driving growth, Lesnard is well-positioned to help Sephora achieve its expansion goals. Go Here for related Information.

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Robert Kraft’s Success Story

Robert Kraft is an American-based entrepreneur, philanthropist, and sports leader. Born and raised in Brookline, the community leader owns one of the country’s biggest and most successful organizations, known as Kraft Group. Under the leadership of the renowned billionaire, Kraft Group has invested successfully in several profitable industries. When young, Robert Kraft was hard-working and passionate about transforming other people’s lives.

Apart from doing very well in academics, the executive was active in sports activities. Robert’s love for football began when he was young. After getting excellent grades in high school, Robert Kraft secured a place in the university through a scholarship. Robert enrolled at the Harvard Business School too later on after finishing his first degree. The billionaire served in several organizations in America before getting employment at Randy Whitney. Kraft got most of his business skills from this paper and packaging company. The company also gave Robert several positions.

John Hiatt was the founder, president, and chief executive officer of Randy Whitney. After working with Robert for a few months, John realized the young man was talented. The experienced company leader appointed Kraft to head one of the company departments. Years later, Robert married John’s daughter. After years of hard work, Robert purchased some of Randy Whitney’s shares, making him part of the company ownership. The company grew significantly under the leadership of the sports leader. The business’s growth helped Kraft launch an institution called International Forest Products. Later, the organization merged with Randy, becoming one of the largest and most respected privately owned paper organizations in the United States.

After getting into business, Robert Kraft did not give up on his love for sports. Although managing the businesses was taking too much time, the American billionaire found time to invest in the football club he loved most, The New England Patriots. A few years later, Kraft purchased the incredible club and has been in charge of its growth for decades. Refer to this article to learn more.


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Christian Advocacy Group Legal Advocacy Group Rights Advocacy Group

Why Consider Alliance Defending Freedom?

An organization of Christian lawyers and law students, Alliance Defending Freedom, seeks to eliminate religious discrimination by advocating for people, policies, and programs that respect the truth of marriage as the union of one man and one woman. Founded in 1994 by Dr. James Dobson, we now have over 2200 staff and volunteer attorneys primarily located in North America but active worldwide.

Alliance Defending Freedom promotes a world where religious freedom is respected, and everyone knows they can live out their faith without fear at work, school, or the community where they live.

Through our respect project, we seek to educate the public about the importance of religious freedom through mass media, public events, social media campaigns, and grassroots efforts. This will help to create awareness of the respect owed to people who believe marriage is between one man and one woman.

Also, the organization has participatory status with the European Union’s Agency for Federal Rights. Additionally, ADF frequently interacts with the organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe. It is also one of the most coveted and successful advocates of the United States Supreme Court.

We tell the truth about marriage and family. We argue for policies protecting our client’s right to live out their faith freely. We offer free legal assistance to people who have suffered due to government policies and laws violating their consciences or religion. We also engage in advocacy on various levels, including litigation before the Supreme Court and legislation in Congress.

Alliance Defending Freedom has won 11 cases before the U.S. Supreme Court – a record unmatched by any other organization; over 25 cases at the U.S. District Court level and several victories in state courts. In addition, the organization has worked for pro-family policies on numerous governmental levels, including the President’s Committee on Religious Liberty, has trained thousands of lawyers and law students, and has educated millions about religious liberty issues.

In conclusion, Alliance Defending Freedom is a unique Christian legal organization working to eliminate religious discrimination and promote fairness, justice, and respect for all. Our goal is to help people live out their faith by providing legal assistance with personal and professional challenges. Click here to learn more.

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Bernard Acoca Becomes New Chief Executive Officer and Zaxby's CEO to Transition to Chairman with Co-Founder Zack McLeroy

Zach McLeroy happens to be Zaxby’s CEO and founder, and soon he is going to be moving to the role of chairman, effective January 2022. Bernard Acoca, the company’s new chief executive officer, will serve as McLeroy’s successor.

With his extensive experience and history working in the restaurant industry, Acoca will be able to drive the company’s growth and continue the tradition of Zaxby’s culture. McLeroy will also continue to be a part of the company’s leadership team.

Over the years, Zaxby’s has experienced tremendous success, and McLeroy is proud to be a part of its leadership team. He believes that the company’s future is under the leadership of Bernard Acoca, and he looks forward to working with him and the team to continue building on the company’s success.

The company has been searching for a new CEO to lead its national expansion and accelerate its growth. They are confident that Bernard will be able to help them achieve their goals and continue to build on the success of Zaxby. Bernard Acoca has a proven track record of building and leading successful businesses and is committed to preserving the company’s heritage and culture.

The Zaxby’s restaurant was founded in 1990 by Zach McLeroy and Tony Townley, two childhood friends who wanted to create a fun and unique environment for their customers. The company’s signature chicken fingers, chicken wings, and other food offerings are served in a fun and quirky atmosphere.

Over the years, Acoca has been a proven leader in the restaurant industry. Acoca has also been the president and CEO of El Pollo Loco since March 2018. During his time with the company, he has led it through a significant transformation, which included the rapid emergence and evolution of digital e-commerce and the establishment of a new contemporary design.

According to Nicole Agnew, a partner at Goldman Sachs and a member of the Board of Directors, Bernard Acoca is a long-term executive who has proven his ability to drive sales and profits and is well-positioned to lead the company’s expansion. Click here for more information.

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Raffaele Riva Uses His Education And Experience With New Venture

Raffaele Riva is a graduate of the Catholic University of the sacred heart in Milan, Italy. There he earned both a degree in economics and certification as a National Public Accountant. He continued his education in 1997 and completed a post graduate program in SSQUEA at the Canton Ticino Management Business School. Riva followed that with post graduate degree from the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI).

Using the things, he learned throughout his undergraduate degree course and from the post graduate degree programs he attended gave Raffaele Riva the training he needed to add to his practical business experience. While continuing his education Raffaele Riva worked as an audit accountant. In that field he acquired real skills and knowledge of the complexity of that area of accounting.

During this time Riva also gained knowledge of international business through his work as a Senior Executive for a multinational company. Not content with these skills alone he also gained experience in the areas of wealth and asset management, corporate restructuring, international insurance and tax issues, corporate financing, estate planning and management, mergers, and acquisitions.

Raffaele Riva also served as a member of the board of directors for several companies as well as serving as an operations manager for these companies. Raffaele Riva’s expertise extends to such countries as Canada, and areas of Western Europe, Central and South America, and South Africa.

With all this education and international business experience he went on to found AUREA Multi-Family Office. It is an umbrella organization that consists of many subsidiaries in Western Europe including the United Kingdom, Italy and Switzerland. With Riva as its founder the company truly benefits from his education and expertise. As the president he oversees special sensitive transactions and major investments for the company’s most wealthy people and their families.

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