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Miki Agrawal Discusses Her Recent Accomplishments in Business

Miki Agrawal Manifesto for the Modern Woman.


Miki Agrawal is a great entrepreneur and author. She has founded several businesses, including the popular marketing platform Un bounce and the lifestyle brand BHLDN.

Miki knows what she wants and is a woman who will stop at nothing to get it.

Agrawal is a feminist entrepreneur and the founder of THINX, an underwear company that provides period panties. She has been featured in Forbes, Inc., and many other publications for her work on gender equality. Additionally, she’s published two books: Disrupt-Her: A Manifesto for the Modern Woman and Hustle.

She joined the board of directors for Cycles + Sex, which provides menstrual cups and condoms through a monthly subscription service.

Agrawal is on the board of directors for Cycles + Sex, a monthly subscription service that provides menstrual cups and condoms through a debit card.

Agrawal joined the company’s board after Cycles founder Annika Monari founded it. She is also a feminist and wanted to bring awareness to women’s health and sexual health issues such as STDs and unwanted pregnancies.

She also took on the role of Chief Product Officer at Scanalytics Inc., an analytics company specializing in floor sensors and data analytics.

According to Agrawal, the chief product officer at Scanalytics Inc., the company is an analytics company that specializes in floor sensors and data analytics. She also took on the role of Chief Product Officer at Scanalytics Inc., an analytics company specializing in floor sensors and information analytics.

They help clients make better decisions using their proprietary technology platform. It includes helping them gain insights from their data.


The future seems bright for Miki Agrawal and her accomplishments in business. She has many plans to continue growing her brand.


Alejandro Pena Keter CEO Discusses The Importance of Sustainability

Alejandro Pena is Chief Executive Officer at Keter Group S.A. He oversees the development, producing, and distributing of high-quality plastic products for home, garden, and outdoor use with a focus on sustainable innovation. Alejandro has an impressive background in brands, finance, and marketing, as well as manufacturing experience. In this interview, he discusses the importance of sustainability at Keter Group S.A.Sustainability is a crucial word in many industries from tech to fashion to food production —and manufacturers must be just as thoughtful about reducing waste as they are about creating their products in the first place.

  1. Education

He holds a degree in Business Administration and Management, focusing on Accounting and Computer Science. He started his education by studying at Diego Portales University before graduating with a degree in Accounting and Computing Science.

  1. Career

Alejandro Pena started working in the plastic industry in 2003, where he was employed at Vaso Plastico S.A., the largest plastic company in Latin America, located in Córdoba, Argentina. Following his work at Vaso Plastico, he worked for the most prominent plastic company in Latin America, Poligrow Argentina S.A. He worked as a finance executive at Poligrow and managed a central manufacturing plant in Argentina. In 2006 Alejandro began work with Ardagh as Commercial director in Argentina, where he managed the sales department and led the team that developed new products and customers.

  1. Awards

Alejandro was recognized with numerous awards throughout his career, including the “Best Corporate Training and Development” award, the “Finance and Marketing role model” award, and in 2014 he won “the most valuable employee” at Ardagh Soda FEMSA, a leading Coca-Cola bottler.

We can all play a role in helping save the environment and contribute to the global agenda. “Some people say that we need to be educated, others that they need to change their lifestyle,” but Alejandro Pena Keter says it’s unnecessary. “We all share the same problems, and we can better address them by working together instead of just saying that the world must change. We must start thinking about how we are part of this enormous responsibility.

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Andrea Riposati and Dante Labs Help Save Lives

When you are a pioneer in a growing industry everyone watches what you are doing and if you are succeeding. Andrea Riposati, an Italian national, co-founded Dante Labs over six years ago. By doing so he helped revolutionize the field of DNA testing globally.

As a leader in the DNA testing field he has grown his company to the point of an annual revenue of $100 million in a short span. Andrea Riposati strongly believes that providing the services offered by Dante Labs he and his company are literally saving lives. He understands that the science being used by Dante is responsible for life saving help for people who use their testing.

Dante labs and its Chief Executive Officer Andrea Riposati have made DNA and related testing more widely available to the general public by offering the tests through private clinics and to individuals who can order tests on the Dante Labs’ website and customers can also book appointments with genetic counselors at the very same time.

The results of genetic testing can often be complicated and confusing for patients. Andrea Riposati and Dante Labs go to extraordinary lengths to make this data user friendly. With results that are understandable to patient data can be transformative and can make a huge differences in the lives of those who seek answers to medical questions.

With their results in hand customers understand what their risks are for developing sometimes rare medical conditions. Customers also receive additional information all aiming at improving health and wellness. These reports include detailed information on nutrition, health and fitness. These reports provide advice on how to manage health issues and help customers live their best lives through a healthy lifestyle.

With nutrition being an important concern after these tests customers get a dietary profile that suggest food sensitivity, body composition, allergies and nutritional issues. These reports provide a mapping of how customers can move forward to living a healthier life.

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Patrick Lucchese Business Ideas

Patrick Lucchese is a multi-faceted entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist. He has focused his career on building and creating businesses based on disruptive technologies and innovative business models. With his vast experience in corporate finance, technology, venture capital, real estate, and higher education administration, he has become one of the most respected players in the industry.

Where did the Concept of Urban Advisors Originate?

In 2012, Patrick Lucchese was working as a management consultant in Boston when he noticed a disconnect between the private and public sectors. He saw that many businesses needed help to navigate the complex web of city regulations, and he saw an opportunity to help.

In 2013, Patrick founded Urban Advisors, a company that provides consulting services to businesses looking to expand or relocate to Boston. Since then, the company has helped countless businesses navigate the city’s regulatory landscape and grow their operations in Boston.

The idea for Urban Advisors came from Patrick’s experience as a Boston management consultant. He saw firsthand how difficult it could be for businesses to navigate the city’s complex web of regulations, and he saw an opportunity to help.

Since founding Urban Advisors, Patrick has helped countless businesses grow their operations in Boston by providing them with expert guidance on navigating the city’s regulatory landscape.

How Can Ideas be Brought to Life?

Regarding bringing ideas to life, Patrick Lucchese believes in a hands-on approach. For him, the best way to bring an idea to fruition is to get out there and start working on it. Of course, only some ideas will be a winner, but Lucchese believes that getting started is the only way to find out.

So if you’ve got an idea you’re passionate about, don’t wait; get out there and start making it happen. You never know where it might lead.

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Utilizing SMS Campaigns and SMS Reminders to Attract Holiday Shoppers to Your Business This Year

Why the Mitto SMS Gateway Is a Great Addition to Every Marketing Campaign

Mitto notes that the world highly connected with so many people using smartphones. According to the platform, the average person checks their phones at least 160 times every day – which is why SMS campaigns are still a great way to reach out to customers. The SMS gateway notes that using SMS effectively can help drive business because people carry their phones wherever they go. They observe that tests are opened 98% of the time compared to the 20% of opened emails.


Getting Started with SMS Campaigns

Mitto has the features businesses need to make SMS marketing a success. From sending SMS reminders to bulk messaging through SMS API, the platform has the tools needed to make marketing a success. Businesses can use the text messages to bring customers to their businesses, during product launches, for promotions and sales, SMS reminders for shipping, and for events.

According to the SMS gateway, using SMS guarantees businesses that they will get immediate delivery, better click-through rates, and you will only text customers who have opted in. With Mitto, businesses have all the tools they need to manage all their messages from the same space to make it easier for the text marketing teams.


Several Strategies to Try for SMS Marketing

The platform exposes businesses to several strategies to try with their SMS API. These strategies include drip campaigns, SMS polls, sweepstakes, SMS reminders, and many more. All these strategies come under the guidance of experts from the platform, so make them a success.

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Olugbenga Agboola releases the Flutterwave gates

Flutterwave is a Nigerian company that provides payment options in the global marketplace. Started in 2016 by Olugbenga Agboola, the CEO and his over 300 staff members dispersed throughout San Francisco and Lagos to form their headquarters. Several African investors such as Tyme Bank, Diool, and Stich helped the deluge of the Flutterwave grow. Additionally, with the aid of angel investors, accelerators, and venture capitalists, it only broadened the horizons of the new fintech company.

In the summer of 2016, Flutterwave was one of only 2 startups that were admitted into YCombinator’s accelerated program. This got Zachariah George’s attention, a former Barclay’s banker. He was sold on Flutterwave’s solutions and made the leap to invest.

By mid 2017, Olugbenga Agboola’s company had raised ten million in a Series A round. Series A is a crucial stage for new business funding. By then, Flutterwave had processed over a billion dollars in transactions. Come 2018, Mastercard jumped on board. That led to a Visa partnership which got them a partnership with GetBarter in 2019.

Also sitting in FW’s corner, Endeavor. Endeavor is a network of over 2000 and growing community of startup entrepreneurs in emerging markets. This may also help pave the way for more African founded startups to join the wave.

Olugbenga Agboola still has an upward trajectory in mind. Series C funding is on the horizon. Furthermore, he looks to list Flutterwave on the New York Stock Exchange. This would be yet another amazing notch on the belt of African fintech. Starting an IPO (Initial Public Offering) is also a very real possibility for not just deep pocketed investors can get a piece of the wave, but smaller investors as well.

Keep your eyes on this pony. Flutterwave has proven that it has more than just one trick. FW very well may be in your portfolio one day where you can ride the wave to success- a well deserved homage to its beginnings in 2016.

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Delving Into the Litigation Career of NJ Ayuk

NJ Ayuk is a reputable attorney who offers his services through the Centurion Law Group, where he is a managing partner. The Centurion Law Group focuses on the extractive, financial, and energy sectors.

As a litigator, Ayuk has overseen negotiations involving natural resource projects in Africa. He has also structured some of these negotiations and overseen the implementation phase. Due to his prominence as an attorney, governments and local and international corporations usually seek his advice on different matters. For instance, Oranto Petroleum sought his advice on whether they should invest in oil blocks strategically located in Niger.

About NJ Ayuk

Before Ayuk became a lawyer, he had a construction job. He has also worked as a cleaner in hotels before. One of the lessons he got from these jobs was the importance of quality customer service. Such lessons have come in handy and have played a key role in his success as a lawyer.

How did NJ Ayuk become such a prominent attorney at a tender age? For starters, he got some mentorship from Dr. Ron Walters. His mentor taught him that a lawyer is supposed to be a social engineer instead of a parasite. Fortunately, Ayuk heeded the lessons from his mentor, and he has been serving the community diligently by utilizing his knowledge and resources to empower the people around him.

The sole reason why Ayuk is focused on the energy sector is because he noted Africa has numerous natural resources, but most of them usually go to waste. Why? Because the majority of the communities lack access to education despite having access to valuable natural resources. Africans are not also included in the deal-making process.

As an attorney, Ayuk has seen it fit to intervene. Why? Because he feels the need to ensure that Africans are included in such opportunities that are supposed to bring forth economic empowerment.

Initially, NJ Ayuk wasn’t conversant with the energy sector. However, he was focused on putting his business and legal education to good use. Since the oil and gas sector has few Africans, Ayuk knew he was simultaneously an opportunity and a risk. However, he was focused on competing and emerging a winner.

Numerous oil companies were taking advantage of African governments and business firms. Ayuk was focused on ensuring that such tendencies would cease.

About Centurion Law Group

Ayuk founded Centurion Law Group because he wanted to bring an end to the economic injustice taking place in Africa. Besides formulating contracts, Ayuk also saw it fit to become an entrepreneur since he already had an MBA, which means he understood the business world to an extent.

When handling matters pertaining to oil and gas, Ayuk noted that the Africans negotiating some of these huge deals were few. Most of the energy firms in Africa would only work with American and European companies. In the process, they would be exploited. Fortunately, Ayuk was eager to learn about the oil and gas sector to make a positive difference. He encountered some challenges; however, Ayuk was steadfast and managed to achieve his goals.

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All You Need to Know About Richard Liu

Richard Liu Qiangdong was born in the year 1974 in Suqian, China. In 1996, Richard Liu graduated from Renmin University in Beijing, where he studied sociology.

Liu Qiangdong established his business 360buy in 1998, an electronics shop that sold magneto-optical products at Zhongguancun in Beijing. When the SARS epidemic hit, the retail industry in China was affected, forcing Liu to close.

With the emergence of the internet, Liu decided to start an online retailing business in 2004. Later in 2007, Richard ventured into the logistics and delivery market.

Liu contributed to China’s e-commerce in 2014 by building the platform, which changed its name to The company raised $1.8 billion in the same year and started trading on the Nasdaq with a public listing. According to Bloomberg, in 2014, sold its shares, becoming the largest IPO traded in New York.

The same year, Tencent Holdings- Asia’s leading internet company, bought a 15% stake. merged with Tencent Holding and purchased a stake in Vipshop for $863 million in 2017.

At the end of 2021, boasts more than 569 million active users. He owns a 14.5% stake in, where his fortune is derived from which consists of the following:

  • Market and taxes performance
  • Analysis of dividends
  • Insider transactions
  • Shares sales in’s IPO

According to Bloomberg, he also controls investment entities, namely Max Smart and Fortune Rising, listed in the British Virgin Islands- a holding company that both have a stake in He also has a net worth of $13.6 billion. Refer to this page for related information.


More about Richard Liu on


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Wasseem and Sam Boraie, The Hope of Atlantic City Real Estate

Atlantic city had a bad reputation for decades, with dirty streets, gambling dens, and poor housing being the tales of conversations. This is no longer the tattle for Atlantic city thanks to Boraie Development, a successful real estate company run by two gentlemen, Sam and Wasseem Boraie.

Wasseem’s Background

Wasseem states that growing up in the streets of Atlantic City, he got to experience first-hand why investors would often shy off from developing Atlantic City. However, the Hard Rock Café created traffic in his hometown, slowly changing the neighborhood outlook. It is through this that he was inspired to establish a real estate company, the Boraie Development, whose main aim would be to give Atlantic city and its environs a face uplift.

His Achievements

Under his leadership, the Boraie Development enterprise revamped half of Atlantic city by constructing multi-million-dollar residential houses. Another notable achievement is the New Brunswick project that seeks to transform what has been called inhabitable land into prime residential areas. This attracted other investors who built businesses, created employment, increased land value, and improved the residents’ livelihoods.

According to Wasseem and Sam Boraie, Atlantic city lacked opportunity because of what was previously. However, a few smart development projects will act as a catalyst for investors. The first phase of the construction project sought to build over 200 decent habitable flats to ensure the residents moved to the newer units and attract a population outside the city. The two gentlemen were acknowledged for these efforts by mayor Ras Baraka, more information click here.

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Carlos Beirao Da Veiga – Commercial Holiday Promotion Techniques

To ensure their holiday marketing strategy works, business owners must test their sleigh bells on potential customers. It might seem like a pointless test, but it’s a key indicator of how well their product or service is doing in the marketplace. The more jingles Santa knocks off, the better his Christmas Eve project will be received by customers. And testing your sleigh bells on potential customers can be as simple as speaking to them directly.

  1. Make the holiday season your own.

“Business owners should use the holiday season to sell their products,” says Carlos Beirao da Veiga. “This is a great time to get new customers, and it’s an opportunity to keep old customers loyal. The holidays are also a good time to ensure you have satisfied customers because they will be willing to give positive reviews and recommendations for your company.”

  1. Use social media – but carefully and wisely.

Use social media during the holidays, but keep it from overwhelming you or distracting you from your business goals, advises Carlos Beirao da Veiga. “It’s the year’s ideal time to have fun with your online presence and build connections,” he says. “However, don’t let it become too much of a burden on your marketing strategy or on your employees who are responsible for posting or responding to customer comments and questions on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.”

  1. Make sure you have an attractive website with holiday content all year—not just in December.
  2. Keep up with the times by making sure that you are using new technology:
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  1. Remember to consider your employees and gift them during the holiday season.
  2. Make sure you have a great sales strategy and holiday promotions – but don’t wait until December to do it!
  3. Carlos Beirao da Veiga: Offer a personalized experience for every customer
  4. Don’t forget to include your customers in the holiday fun by offering coupons, discounts, special offers, etc., that they can use on their next visit or purchase!
  5. And most importantly, don’t let the stress of the holidays cause you to lose sight of what’s truly important – taking care of your customers and employees!

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