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NJ Ayuk

NJ Ayuk is a character created by a father, who has created and uploaded many popular videos on YouTube of his daughter, NJ Ayuk. He has uploaded over 100 videos with views totaling over 8 million. His character NJ Ayuk is made up of different noises from the various locations in her world. The latest video was posted on February 3rd, 2016 when she celebrated her third birthday.

NJ Ayuk was found on YouTube by a mother looking for a present for her daughter’s third birthday. There was no bio or channel on the video, and she just seemed like a random child. The father explained that his daughter had been asked to record an “egg timer sound”, but he felt it was too personal of a request, so he made up the character and gave it as her gift. She is usually recorded while in her own world but also introduced in her mother’s bedroom, dropping toys to the floor just outside of it and eating food right out of the fridge. Know more about NJ Ayuk on

NJ Ayuk’s most popular video is the song Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen. Each time this video is played, it has become a hit on many channels, as well as YouTube’s frontpage. This was becoming too much for many smaller channels to handle and YouTube had to play it at a quiet hour so the larger channels wouldn’t be affected by it. The song has continued to be played week after week, but weeks before December 15th, 2015, her father decided that he would stop making her videos. There are rumors that he uploaded his first video himself in preparation for the inevitable day when he would have to stop making them.

Although he stopped making videos, he continued to answer questions in the comments section and on his Instagram page . He replied to other YouTube channels asking if they would like to make their own videos until the channel was closed on the night of December 11th, 2015. The reason given was that he couldn’t stand the comments asking him why he stopped making NJ Ayuk. Even though this happened a few months ago, her views continue to grow every day as people search for her.


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Quattro Development – Small Business with Big Impact

Quattro Development, founded in 2008, is a one-stop shop for commercial tenants needing new space across the United States. Despite its modest size, this Development has established a widespread presence nationwide. Rob Walters and Mike Liyeos, its co-founders, deserve credit for the company’s success because of their innovative strategy. Their nine-person team has worked tirelessly to provide its services to clients in 31 states, and the number of projects they’ve completed there now exceeds 150.

Walters and Liyeos continue to take on projects nationwide using the same tried-and-true development method. Aiming “to maintain the occupants the same and the building types the same,” as Liyeos puts it. With this uniform process, they can bypass the need for in-depth familiarity with state-specific markets. They tailor their standard method instead to each customer.

Their knowledge gained from their travels around the United States is used well. Walters and Liyeos can talk “intelligently about pretty much any trade area in the country” with their clients since they are well-versed in every region of the United States. Projects are more likely to meet the needs of their clients when local experts are consulted, and their insight is incorporated.

Yet, Quattro’s massive national reach is achieved through delegation. A full-time employee is responsible for reviewing the area’s site plans, laws, and zoning maps. The services of local land-use lawyers, engineers, and contractors are also necessary for adaptation to the local environment.

The people who make up this Development are the key to the company’s success. As their workforce expands, Walters and Liyeos increasingly depend on them to oversee operations nationwide. To fill open positions, they use their networks, which may include friends and relatives. As a result of being entrusted with the duty of executing their work, they are able to provide their staff members time off whenever they need it.

In the long run, the two visionaries hope that Quattro Development will be able to function without them. Quattro Development is a tiny firm offering an uplifting legacy by focusing on “leaving the world better” through its efforts.