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Andrea Riposati and Dante Labs Help Save Lives

When you are a pioneer in a growing industry everyone watches what you are doing and if you are succeeding. Andrea Riposati, an Italian national, co-founded Dante Labs over six years ago. By doing so he helped revolutionize the field of DNA testing globally.

As a leader in the DNA testing field he has grown his company to the point of an annual revenue of $100 million in a short span. Andrea Riposati strongly believes that providing the services offered by Dante Labs he and his company are literally saving lives. He understands that the science being used by Dante is responsible for life saving help for people who use their testing.

Dante labs and its Chief Executive Officer Andrea Riposati have made DNA and related testing more widely available to the general public by offering the tests through private clinics and to individuals who can order tests on the Dante Labs’ website and customers can also book appointments with genetic counselors at the very same time.

The results of genetic testing can often be complicated and confusing for patients. Andrea Riposati and Dante Labs go to extraordinary lengths to make this data user friendly. With results that are understandable to patient data can be transformative and can make a huge differences in the lives of those who seek answers to medical questions.

With their results in hand customers understand what their risks are for developing sometimes rare medical conditions. Customers also receive additional information all aiming at improving health and wellness. These reports include detailed information on nutrition, health and fitness. These reports provide advice on how to manage health issues and help customers live their best lives through a healthy lifestyle.

With nutrition being an important concern after these tests customers get a dietary profile that suggest food sensitivity, body composition, allergies and nutritional issues. These reports provide a mapping of how customers can move forward to living a healthier life.