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Ways Mirabaud’s Sustainable Art Connects to Our Everyday Lives

As part of the Mirabaud Collection, many pieces in this gallery are not just art but have a meaningful message. Mirabaud is a Swiss art collective that creates beautiful and easy-to-understand pieces. Its pieces are made from materials that can be reused or recycled, which helps to reduce pollution and waste. The collection work connects us to our environment, reminding us of the importance of caring for our planet. Each piece of Mirabaud’s sustainable art reminds us that we can all make a difference in preserving our planet.

How Mirabaud’s Sustainable Art Connects to Our Everyday Lives

Mirabaud’s Sustainable Art is an integral part of our everyday lives. Connecting art and sustainability help us to think about our impact on the environment. One way the Collection Sustainable Art connects to our daily lives is by teaching us how to appreciate the natural world. Many Mirabaud pieces are inspired by nature, and they help us see beauty in everything around us. Also, the art gallery encourages us to think about our wastefulness. Several pieces in Mirabaud’s collection are made from recycled materials or materials saved from waste. This helps us be more conscious of our environmental impact, and it motivates us to recycle more.

The Mirabaud Contemporary Art Collection is a representation of its diversity that outlines the history and the current worlds. The exhibition aims to build a connection between the upcoming artists and the confirmed artists. Mirabaud has also shown commitment to supporting young innovators.


Art has always been an essential part of our lives and has changed over time. Today, art is more than just a piece of decoration; it can be used to communicate messages and ideas.

One way that art has changed over time is that it used to be confined to the walls of museums. Now, art can be found everywhere we look. It can be found in advertisements, on the internet, and even smartphones. This wide distribution of art has led to some interesting effects. People are more likely to express their emotions through art. Kindly refer to this page for more information.


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Mirabaud is an internationally known group specializing in banking and finance. It came into existence in 1819, and its activities are under the control of six partners. Over the years, the group has grown into an organization that supports artists and institutions involved in art.

Mirabaud has involved themselves with art institutions to ensure that their art can get too many people, hence their involvement in supporting and pushing institutions like MAMCO, Zurich Art Weekend, among others.

Creating art in today’s society is significant, and the group recognizes that. Being in support of contemporary art translates to appreciating creativity and the artist behind the invention. Due to this reason, it has been taking up the challenge of hugely supporting artists to help create a world where innovativeness and creativity are appreciated.

The group has developed a collection of arts whose catalog is available online. It ensures the exhibition is widely known to everyone, and anyone who needs the artwork can easily access them.

Institutions that need the art collections are not limited from acquiring them as Mirabaud can always lend them. It further makes it easy for art collections to be discovered by the public members.

Mirabaud has also been actively involving themselves in integrating the urban space with art to help brighten up cities, hence their incorporation with architecture and town planning. Over the years, the group has backed up FIAC Hors les Murs, which displays artistic works in Paris every year in different public areas. The group has also donated an artwork named “Moon,” which was done by an artist from Switzerland. The painting was donated to Geneva in 2019.

Regarding integrating artwork with the urban spaces, the group has highlighted/ illuminated their frontage, which Emilie Ding has then used as a canvas for her work. Follow this page on Instagram, for more information.


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