Dr Tim Ioannides has expanded and enhanced his practice by recognizing that his patients need dermatological care in addition to medical services. In 2002 he introduced the first dermatology clinic in his area. Dr Ioannides has always been a caring, kind, and compassionate doctor who has been committed to not only helping his patients, but the community as a whole. Dr. Ioannides also enjoys training, teaching and mentoring new doctors and recent graduates. Over the past few decades, dermatology has experienced a huge influx of well-trained physicians and advanced equipment, with dermatologists working from huge, multi-purpose facilities similar to the outpatient clinics. The changes in the U.S. healthcare landscape in recent years have impacted medical practices in many ways, making it essential that physicians and practicing dermatologists understand how these changes can be used to their advantage. At Treasure Coast Dermatology, Dr. Ioannides is actively involved in many aspects of practice management, including promoting cutting-edge technologies in his practice. “At this point in time, I am able to enjoy all of the great things dermatology can offer, including seeing my patients who are truly seeking medical care, and my research and writing on the issue of skin cancer prevention,” Dr. Ioannides says. Recognizing the nature of change, Dr. Ioannides is helping his team prepare for a future with both uncertainty and possibilities, making him an exceptional business thinker for the practice he started in 2010. Dr Ioannides’ leadership has put him in a position to assess opportunities that may arise during a patient’s treatment or after their treatment, looking for opportunities to educate his patients about a variety of health related issues, including warning signs to look for in a potential skin cancer and how to properly treat it. Dr Ioannides says, “We’re living in a world that is highly interactive, and “always on” existence. We learn constantly and are always learning new things. Understanding, gathering, exchanging and managing this ever-changing knowledge is important for healthcare professionals, as well as the patients who rely on us.”

Tim Ioannides’s interest in dermatology inspired his parents, who taught him that fulfillment is found through helping others. His parents were well known in the medical field through their contributions focused on changing lives rather than fame. After medical residency, Tim started dermatology practice in Miami, offering cancer screening but focusing on cosmetic procedures. Tim felt unfulfilled during practice since he considered skin cancer as the most preventable yet most common. Tim felt he was not doing enough to fight the condition.

Tim Ioannides moved to Port St. Lucie, where he soon discovered it had the second-highest skin cancer rate, contributed to by an aging population with little to protect their skins from the sun and seaside location. Tim established a business that covered all aspects of skin cancer. He acknowledges his team of nurses as part of the success of his organization. Tim also believes that patient care is possible by maintaining a close-knit team, eliminating confusion at the workplace, and maintaining caution when interacting with pharmaceutical representatives.

Tim Ioannides has avoided computerized record-keeping as a strategy of improving business. He believes in effective communication by giving patients undivided attention to understand their communication fully. Patient satisfaction gives him ultimate fulfillment and joy when they detect cancerous growth early. He also finds fulfillment through educating others about skin protection methods, especially after exposure to the sun. Tim considers the beach fun, although it poses more danger of direct exposure to the sun’s UV rays, increasing chances of skin cancer, educating people on sun avoidance tactics, and proper sunscreen application.

Tim Ioannides founded Treasure Coast Dermatology in eastern Florida and spread to other five locations. He focuses on medical dermatological services that prevent and treat skin cancer and the skin’s general health. Dr. Tim Ioannides obtained a degree from the School of Medicine at the University of Miami, where he volunteers as a Professor. He is also a member of dermatology organizations and boards of certification. Dr. Tim stands out with his belief in patient-driven practice and his passion for medicine and dermatology.

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