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Yubo App Partners With Hive In New Safety Feature

Yubo, a popular app that enables users to connect and create new friendships, has recently announced a new partnership with Hive. The collaboration between Yubo and Hive will bring some exciting new features to users of both applications.

Users of Yubo’s Live Video Chat now have access to Hive’s features. These features include real-time photo and video editing, access to music library, feature-rich filters, and interactive effects while live streaming. With these tools, users of Yubo’s Live Video Chat are able to create exciting, engaging content for their friends and followers. Additionally, Hive’s Live Production Suite enables its Streamers to stream content to multiple platforms as well, allowing them to reach a wider audience.

The app is also taking steps to ensure their users safety. Hive’s safety and privacy protection work in synergy with Yubo’s moderation tools and content moderation process. Hive provides tools that help identify potentially abusive and unauthorized content that may be shared on Yubo, ensuring that users are safe from malicious actors.


Next, it is using Hive to introduce a more powerful and easier to use leaderboard and ranking system. In the past, Yubo users had to manually set up their leaderboard to show their game scores and rankings. Now, with Hive’s platform and system, this process is automated and more efficient. The leaderboard allows its users to more quickly and easily compare their results with their friends, increasing the enjoyment of playing their favorite games.

Finally, Yubo’s new partnership brings new customization options for Yubo’s game developers. Hive’s development platform makes it easy for Yubo’s game developers to customize their games to better suit users’ needs. This includes allowing users to set their own rules and customizations, such as setting the number of players per game and even providing tools to help game developers create their own customized levels.

Overall, Yubo’s new partnership with Hive brings exciting new features and tools to the platform that promise to improve the overall user experience. With the new tools and features, its users are sure to benefit from the enhanced safety and security of the platform as well as increased customization and entertainment options. With their collaboration with Hive, it is sure to remain as one of the premier platforms for making new friends and staying connected.

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The Success History of Ryan Kavanaugh

The Triller founder, Ryan Kavanaugh, is a man whose history is filled with success. At the age of 46, Ryan had already achieved a lot and was successful in venture capitalism, event promotion, video streaming, the creation of applications, and the production of film and TV. For all the years, Ryan Kavanaugh has been taking criticism, challenges, and obstacles in his path as motivation for his success. Ryan Kavanaugh is well known and well established for his new ability to identify profitable future trends in the market and invest in them.

Venture capitalism: this is one of the areas where Kavanaugh became successful while he was still young. He started a small firm that dealt with venture capitalism and was supported by some of the biggest stars in Hollywood. With its ability to identify profitable trends in the market and invest in different technologies that give its investors some profitable returns in the end, artificial intelligence is taking over everything. Ryan saw a chance in the use of cash in companies because everything was digitizing and, in the future, companies would introduce the use of digital currency. Ryan Kavanaugh launched the Pre-cash program to be at the forefront of meeting these arising needs.

Pre-cash became one of the successful companies, and it was later sold. Pre-cash investors gained a really good profit from the $400 million at which it was sold. A new potential for Ryan after the success of the pre-cash was in biotechnology. He started investing in one of the companies, called ZetaRx, which was started by his father, who was an entrepreneur and a dentist. ZetaRx dealt with the innovation of new therapies that were used mostly in the treatment of cancer. Later, Juno Therapeutics bought the company, and Ryan Kavanaugh and other investors earned over 80 times the actual stake. Ryan Kavanaugh has been more successful by investing in profitable trends.

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Dr. Abdulla Al Humaidi Gives Back to Society Via Improving Basic Assets in Their Locality

  1. Abdulla Al Humaidi founded Kuwait European Holdings (KEH) in 2008. Currently, he works as the CEO of the company. Before establishing the company, he held positions such as CEO, Chairman, and Executive Vice Chairman of a myriad of companies across Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. Dr. Abdulla Al Humaidi’s track record is responsible for the listing of two strategic investment companies, Remal and Remal on the Kuwait Stock Exchange.
  2. Abdulla Al Humaidi responsibilities also included investments in a range of business sectors, mainly the medical, hotel, and leisure sectors. These business sectors are not only located in Kuwait but most notably in Egypt and the UK. Before he got involved with Kuwait European Holdings, Dr. Abdulla Al Humaidi attended the prestigious Royal College of Surgeons located in Dublin, Ireland where he pursued medicine for close to seven years. Kuwait European Holdings under the leadership of Dr. Abdulla Al Humaidi has its set values and mission.


KEH pledges significant commitment to secure and identify investment projects with the capability of giving significant profits to shareholders. Abdulla Al Humaidi explains that the company also commits to giving back to society by improving the value of basic assets in their locality. KEH is also committed to delivering top-notch results across its investments. 

The company takes pride in its outward-looking and strategic investment philosophy. KEH also takes pride in its ability to exhibit strong and distinguished working customer relationships with third parties and asset managers making sure that their recognizable standards are well taken care of all through the investment process. According to Abdulla Al Humaidi, the company also ensures that its investment projects can deliver solid returns.

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Ryan Kavanaugh Talks About the Dangers of Social Media

How Social Media Can Kill Your Life – Ryan Kavanaugh Talks About the Dangers of Social Media.

What is the most considerable risk to your life? According to Ryan Kavanaugh, President, and CEO of Relativity Media and Chairman of H2G2 Media, “The biggest risk right now is not the risks that are out there; it’s social media.”

Kavanaugh is a realist about this reality. Ryan Kavanaugh

knows that social media allows for many positive aspects in our lives today. However, it also has a highly negative impact on us. He talks about how this new digital age can be both a blessing and a curse in our society. We live with technology constantly, yet we don’t have the skills and knowledge needed to use it correctly.

There’s no one way to fix this problem. Social media has become too pervasive in today’s world and needs profound change. But what do you do when you’re part of social media? Becoming aware of the dangers and focusing on healthy ways to interact can help decrease the adverse effects.

Why is Social Media Killing your Life?

It’s so easy to interact on social media these days. We find ourselves constantly scrolling through our feeds, hitting the “like” button on everything, and posting to our Instagrams.

But we need to be aware of the risks associated with this digital age. Social media is a good thing in many ways, but it also has significant detrimental effects. For example, social media often leads to the over-sharing of personal information that can do more harm than good.

This new digital age is hard to navigate. Social media allows us to stay connected with friends and family members who are far away from us, yet it’s also changing how we communicate with one another in real life. It’s tough for us to know what’s appropriate these days because there are no fundamental guidelines.

The risk isn’t just that social media kills your life—it’s also how you use it. If you’re not careful, you can spend hours scrolling through your feed and never get anything accomplished.

How to Improve Your Life Online

Social Media has become a part of our everyday life. With this wide range of sites, it can be challenging to know what to watch out for and how to interact with social media in a way that will not lead to issues.

In this article, we’ll discuss ways to improve your interpersonal skills online. We’ll then go over how these skills can help you avoid common pitfalls online and in your personal life, too.

What Can You Do If You’re part of Social Media?

As the president of social media, you need to be aware that it’s a powerful tool that can push your followers in a direction they might not want to go. But, it would be best if you also focused on all the positive aspects of social media.

No matter how much you’re using social media, your business can benefit from every bit of it. Social media is a fantastic way to find new things and connect with new people. It provides a unique opportunity for businesses to grow their customer base by reaching out in this new medium.

However, it’s essential to keep in mind that there are some risks associated with social media.

If you’re part of social media and have been charged with managing one or more accounts, you must take steps to protect yourself and your business. Follow these steps:

1) Know what information is publically available on your account. Don’t post personal information like home address or phone number. This will help keep your account safe from hackers and other individuals who might want to cause harm or use it against you.

2) If someone sends harassing messages over social media, don’t respond to them back. Instead, report them directly through the platform’s reporting system


Social media is excellent for connecting with people and expanding your social circle. It can also be a huge time suck and even ruin your life.

It’s easy to keep up with friends on social media, but it’s hard not to feel like you’re missing out on your offline life. Social media makes us feel included, but it can make us feel left out.

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The return and victory of Ryan Kavanaugh

When Relativity Media was forced into bankruptcy in 2016, the firm Ryan Kavanaugh’s collapsed. The eccentric media magnate envisioned himself as the hero in Hollywood who would transform the industry’s face and establish a new baseline for others. At least $100 million was lost when Relativity media went bankrupt and shut down its business. In the face of defeat, Ryan Kavanaugh persevered and founded Triller, a multimedia networking site that has been his comeback. For interactive entertainment channels, Triller ranks second.

When President Trump pledged to outlaw TikTok’s over personal data concerns about safety in July 2020, it was clear that Ryan Kavanaugh was making a return. In at least 50 nations, Triller became the most popular app. The prospect of TikTok’s demise improved Triller’s brand recognition, increasing users, content providers, and marketers. Triller has also partnered with well-known TikTok’s personalities, users, and corporations. Snoop Dog, Kendrick Lamar and Lil Wayne teamed together to raise $14 million for the cause. The app has approximately 26 million monthly active users and is estimated at $1.25 billion at writing.

Additionally, Triller has launched The Fight Club, a professional boxing league that seeks to revitalize the sport of boxing. To bring back several boxing legends the Fight Club has used live concerts and celebrity visits to promote the fights. In Fight Club, the sport is given a new cinematic aspect. It has gained an audience of almost 30 million people globally via prior events. Additionally, Triller Tv, a new digital television network, will offer 30-minute scenes involving musicians and influencers such as DJ Khaled and Fat Joe.

Ryan Kavanaugh claims that Triller has been a source of atonement for him. Despite the demise of Relativity, a separation, and numerous health concerns, Triller and the Fight Club have restored his former greatness.

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