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Carlos Beirao Da Veiga – Commercial Holiday Promotion Techniques

To ensure their holiday marketing strategy works, business owners must test their sleigh bells on potential customers. It might seem like a pointless test, but it’s a key indicator of how well their product or service is doing in the marketplace. The more jingles Santa knocks off, the better his Christmas Eve project will be received by customers. And testing your sleigh bells on potential customers can be as simple as speaking to them directly.

  1. Make the holiday season your own.

“Business owners should use the holiday season to sell their products,” says Carlos Beirao da Veiga. “This is a great time to get new customers, and it’s an opportunity to keep old customers loyal. The holidays are also a good time to ensure you have satisfied customers because they will be willing to give positive reviews and recommendations for your company.”

  1. Use social media – but carefully and wisely.

Use social media during the holidays, but keep it from overwhelming you or distracting you from your business goals, advises Carlos Beirao da Veiga. “It’s the year’s ideal time to have fun with your online presence and build connections,” he says. “However, don’t let it become too much of a burden on your marketing strategy or on your employees who are responsible for posting or responding to customer comments and questions on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.”

  1. Make sure you have an attractive website with holiday content all year—not just in December.
  2. Keep up with the times by making sure that you are using new technology:
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  1. Remember to consider your employees and gift them during the holiday season.
  2. Make sure you have a great sales strategy and holiday promotions – but don’t wait until December to do it!
  3. Carlos Beirao da Veiga: Offer a personalized experience for every customer
  4. Don’t forget to include your customers in the holiday fun by offering coupons, discounts, special offers, etc., that they can use on their next visit or purchase!
  5. And most importantly, don’t let the stress of the holidays cause you to lose sight of what’s truly important – taking care of your customers and employees!

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 The Advancement of Logistics and Supply Chain Tech

Sparkasse Bank Malta Plc is certified by the Malta Financial Services Authority, Popularly known as a credit institution. The bank’s business model is focused on eliminating the complexity of products or services to embrace transparency, ethic, and prudence in its operations. Sparkasse Bank Malta is dedicated to building relationships with its clients to add value through its operations. The bank services and investment operations aim to help corporate entities, personal clients, treasuries asset managers, and other structured investment entities.

The growth of Sparkasse Bank Malta as the best investment banker has been of its excellent technology advancement. However, technology has been a wide topic to fully exhaust in investment banking, logistics, and supply chairman. Jason Russell is an overseer at Pj Solomon incharge of technology, Software Group, and industrial processes. He illustrates finding individuals who understand the technology and its impacts on different fields may be hard. Russel has excellent expertise as an investment banker and experience in logistics services.

Jason Russell has worked with some of the leading companies, such as 3GTMS, where he served an advisory role on selling a stake in transportation management to Sumeru Equity Partners. He also played a big role in acquiring High Jump Software by Korber AG. Today, Russell is dedicated to convergence technology and several traditional industry sectors interested in logistics and supply chains.

Today, Russell sees a lot of technology transition in the supply chain sector through the advancement of warehouse and transportation management to support multiple applications in the cloud. Shipment services are searching for more holistic solutions and the ability to control data to perform more effectively, cheaper and faster.

The logistics and supply chain have received tremendous growth, and more companies have been set up. With the new technological advancement, logistics and supply chain companies have transitioned from the traditional supply chain model. Read information about Sparkasse Bank Malta