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Edgard Corona CEO of Bio Ritmo & Smartfit Group

Edgard Corona is the president and founder of the Bio Ritmo and Smartfit Group. His name is well known in the fitness industry in Brazil. The group has more than 400 gyms in Latin American countries, giving him annual returns of around R$1 billion. Corona formed the Bio Ritmo network in 1996 in Santo Amaro which is the neighborhood of Sao Paulo. Although he didn’t have any prior experience or skills in the sector, Edgard’s network performed well and opened branches up to the United States of America. Since its inception, he is still the chief executive officer, and he plays key roles in crucial decisions being made.

Before starting his company, Edgard Corona used to work at the family sugar mills and chemical laboratory company because he was a chemical engineer by profession. Currently, Smartfit Company is in Colombia, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, and Peru, making it dominate the Latin American market with around 1.5 million attending the gym session. Another major achievement is that the Edgard network has more gyms than the population of Estonia. The group has reshaped how people think about exercising in many countries, resulting in the entire gym market changing and adopting new ways of doing exercise.

Technology has also played a crucial role in reshaping the fitness industry by ensuring the availability of resources customers may need during the gym sessions. Edgard Corona is ranked as the head of the 4th largest fitness union in the world. Corona got the idea of opening a Smartfit when he went to the United States and visited the Planet Fitness business model. It had the largest chain of gyms operating with desired prices by then. He launched one of the models at Morumbi and decided to serve the well-known bands because they could not compete with the existing competitors.

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