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NumbersUSA is a non-profit organization founded by Roy Beck in 1996, which advocates for reducing the size of U.S. and world populations of humans to improve resource sharing and environmental quality while helping both humans and other species flourish.

It is a leading member of the national network of groups fighting for a reduction in immigration by influencing the United States Congress to support immigration reduction and stop the inflow of persons into the country who require costly services and tend to compete with U.S. citizens for jobs. These include illegal aliens, persons here legally for extended periods, asylum seekers, refugees, and other temporary visitors.

NumbersUSA’s methods include educating the public about the consequences of immigration increases and lobbying members of Congress to support immigration reduction. The organization receives funding from various sources, including some grassroots donations and foundations.

The organization maintains a website with local chapters, which lobbies Congressional members and supporters. It also has published books and publications on immigration reduction.

The organization’s website is largely an interactive forum where visitors can post messages and use news articles distributed by email, with the site’s owner providing information about its activities. The website has several articles providing evidence for the effect of immigration on wages, the environment, and other issues, including the impact on population growth.

NumbersUSA’s efforts to balance immigration numbers have gained recognition in the media. The columns on the organization’s website are generally authored by Roy Beck or the organization’s staff writers. They advocate for reducing immigration into the United States, citing economic or environmental reasons for cutting down on migration flows. Roy Beck, NumbersUSA founder, and other staff writers have authored articles in politics and economics magazines and newspapers.

NumbersUSA supports immigration reduction through lobbying Congress and has lobbied many members of the U.S. Congress to support immigration reduction. NumbersUSA was a key player in changing the U.S. strategy for controlling illegal immigration, moving from border control to supporting legislation eliminating virtually all visa categories for temporary visitors and increasing border security measures.

NumbersUSA has been sparking education on other platforms, including Facebook and Instagram, and Twitter. The organization has been honored with various awards and accolades.

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Why NumbersUSA Is Not Affiliated To Any Political Party

NumbersUSA is a nonpartisan organization that advocates for sensible immigration policies based on the needs of American workers and their families. We believe that our immigration system should be reformed to ensure that it meets America’s economic and security requirements while also respecting the critical laws and traditions that have shaped our country’s history.

Founded in 1997, it was an offshoot of the original “Immigration Watch Program” created by the Center for Immigration Studies in Los Angeles, California. The founding members of NumbersUSA were Paul Helm, Daniel Webster, Ann Cori, and Michael Walzer.

Unlike many other organizations in the immigration advocacy space, this organization is not affiliated with any political party. Instead, we believe that our cause transcends partisan politics and that the best solutions to pressing immigration issues will come from a bipartisan approach that considers all stakeholders’ needs, including workers, businesses, and immigrants themselves.

At NumbersUSA, we work tirelessly to promote meaningful immigration reform that supports our nation’s economic growth and security. We encourage all Americans to join us in this vital mission, regardless of their political affiliation. Together, we can build a more prosperous, inclusive America for generations to come.

This organization does not want to work with any political organization. They want to be nonpartisan and reform immigration. This is why the entity is not affiliated with any political party. Political parties have different views on immigration, but the body believes it is crucial to work with everyone to find the best possible solutions.

They have a strong track record of advocating for sensible immigration policies based on evidence and research. Whether they are calling out politicians who spread misinformation or working with lawmakers to draft fair reform bills, they are committed to finding commonsense solutions that will improve the lives of American workers and their families.

This organization believes that immigration policies should reflect what is best for American workers and their families. They are not affiliated with any political party because they believe their cause transcends partisan politics. At NumbersUSA, they work tirelessly to promote meaningful immigration reform that supports our nation’s economic growth and security. Visit this page for more information.


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