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 Why QNET is a legitimate company but not a scam

QNET scam is a current topic in the eyes of many people and even Google searches have shown several searches for QNET scam. The connotation of the QNET scam is a pyramid scheme, and this is one reason why people think it is a scam.

QNET is a legit MLM company and is registered in Singapore. It was founded by Vijay Eswaran, who is also the CEO of one of the largest conglomerates in India, the Eswaran Group.

Why QNET is not a Scam?

The company was founded in the year 1998, which is why the current scam that is being talked about may not be real. If a company started in 1998 and within this time frame has managed to achieve what it has, it means that it has done something right.

In the minds of many, a scam simply means an illegal activity or an illegal act being committed, but in the case of QNET, this does not apply. QNET operates under the premise of people promoting businesses to earn additional income by way of commission schemes and this is legal.

QNET is also known for being the best in terms of quality and service. This is why many people are joining QNET because they need the services that the company offers. QNET is also known for its quality products, and this is why many people are asking for products from QNET.

QNET is a direct sales company that operates in the field of network marketing and therefore, there is no scam happening here. Some people are mining cryptocurrencies because they can make money from them, but this does not mean that it is a scam.

Many product companies are selling their products through MLM, so there is nothing wrong with QNET doing the same thing. For a long time, many companies have been associated with MLM and this is why they enjoy a very good reputation.

QNET has also shown transparency and is not involved in any financial scams. It has also delivered quality products to its customers. This is why it is not a scam, and you can join QNET to earn money.

QNET operates in countries with stringent rules and regulations, such as the UK and Australia. In countries like these, it is not possible to operate a scam due to stringent rules and regulations. There are also many checks and balances in place for this kind of business to be successful.

QNET gives back to the community and helps people in need. This is another reason why it is not a scam and you can join QNET and make money for yourself. READ: