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Kelcy Warren

Kelcy Warren is the CEO and founder of Energy Transfer Partners, one of the largest pipeline companies in North America and it is a company that operates all over the United States. In 2014 they were ranked number 3 on Forbes’ list of “America’s Largest Private Companies.”

Kelcy Warren is also highly influential in politics and is even friends with President Trump. This caused many people to be very vocal about his actions, such as when he donated 100 million dollars to Trump’s campaign to fund his presidential run. Another instance of his influence was when he donated 50 million dollars to the Republican PAC, the National Republican Senatorial Committee, and the Republican National Committee. He also donated $75 million to The Donald J. Trump Foundation. Many people wonder how Kelcy Warren funds himself while also owning a company that deals with many pipelines, but he is extremely wealthy. He has earned at least ten billion dollars from his company Energy Transfer Partners alone.

In 2008, Kelcy Warren appeared in a campaign commercial where he unveiled his plans for America. He said that “the American spirit was not as alive today as it should be” because “too many politicians” were aiming for more important things that didn’t necessarily benefit the people.

Kelcy Warren has been in the spotlight since 1986, when he bought a large parcel of Oklahoma land. However, he didn’t buy it to make any more money but to prove his point that being a businessman is all about having confidence in yourself and believing in yourself. He did this by investing all of his money in oil and gas exploration, and later he would create one of the largest pipeline systems in North America.

Warren started his company by buying a pipeline company when he was only 25 years old, and back then, it was called Energy Transfer Partners. When he got in charge of Energy Transfer Products Inc, he said that he wanted to make them the most significant pipeline company in North America, and that’s precisely what he did. He later renamed this company Energy Transfer Partners, now known as ETP. Visit this page for additional information.


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Business Leader Energy Oil And Gas

Kelcy Warren’s Life To Success

Kelcy Warren was born and raised in Eastern Texas, Gladewater, among four boys, the youngest. His father was a hard-working man and worked for an oil company as a digger, while his mother at a convenience store. Since she did not complete her education, she expected her sons to finish high school and college.

Kelcy Warren did quite a number of odd jobs until he graduated high school and was enrolled in a University in Texas to do engineering. Since he had a lot of time at his disposal, he decided to waste it. He failed in his first year and the following year was accepted. Despite knowing of his reputation, Dr. Syed Qasim, his professor, decided to encourage him since he was smart. Kelcy then applied for a grant he later acquired, and his project was awarded the best.

He graduated with a Bachelor’s in civil engineering and was able to get a job immediately. A Company in the Gas Industry, Lone Star, employed him, and he worked as a pipeline designer. He then transitioned to an energy development company, Endevco, which he purchased with his business partner, changed it to Cornerstone, and later made a profit from it when he sold it.

Kelcy Warren has achieved success in abundance in his career. He also co-founded Energy Transfer and ultimately became the chairman. He advises the young to be straightforward with themselves, have balance in their lives, and that the ambitious only work and forget the important phases in life. As he says, success is having no regrets, which he is yet to reach.

Kelcy Warren has also been a philanthropist, such as an endowment recognized at UTA in honor of Dr. Qasim. He has donated to a Park in Dallas, which is named like his son Klyde Warren, has campaigned for charities in Texas like those of children, and has served on several boards. Mr. Warren is also on the Texas Hall of Fame in Business and has received honors concerning Entrepreneur. Follow this page on twitter, for related information.


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Business Leader Energy Oil And Gas

People Person: Kelcy Warren

Some people have a penchant for wanting something good for their lives. A man by the name of Kelcy Warren is one of them. He loved growing up in a small town. He says that his father was a perfect role model for him because of the way he treated people.

Even though his parents never finished high school he wanted to change that. He was the second in his family to graduate from high school and also the second one to go to college. His older brother was the first one. This is the kind of thing that he is most proud of when it comes to his life.

He was able to blaze a trail when it came to his family. Kelcy Warren is also a good role model for others to follow. His mother always said that his education was the most important thing. He made sure to make the most of what she said. While he was at college Kelcy Warren was able to find his passion.

It was in the field of engineering. Kelcy Warren loved it because a professor took an interest in him. He knew then this this was what he wanted to do with his life. He graduated with a degree in civil engineering and he was able to flourish in the commercial energy field.

Kelcy Warren is a prime example of what can happen when a person puts his mind to something. He was able to grow and learn along the way. He was able to find what he loved and make a career out of it. This is why he has become a Horatio Alger Award recipient in 2016. He has worked hard to get to the top of the heap. Now the view looks really good for a man like Kelcy Warren.

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