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What To Know About Zilch – A Wallet That Helps You Manage Your Money More Wisely

If you’re spending too much on monthly payments and earning less in savings, you might need help budgeting and saving for your goals. A virtual MasterCard gives you greater control of your spending. You won’t have the hassle of handing over credit or debit cards to merchants. It also means you can’t be too careful with your money. The buy now pay later choice is an added advantage.

Zilch helps you set and track your spending, including how you spend your cashback. With buy now pay later option, it makes it easy for you to save on future purchases by helping you pay in installments and automatically deduct cashback when you complete an installment, ensuring you get a 25% discount and get rewarded for your spending behavior! It’s a digital solution that helps you become more responsible and financially savvy.

How to Get Started with Zilch

From the Google Play Store, download the app. You need it to make purchases from any merchant. Log in to your MasterCard account. Zilch does not use your personal information, payment history, or security information, so you’re in safe hands. Select the ‘Payment’ option within the Zilch app and choose the ‘Payment Type’ menu.

How to use Zilch

Go to the card’s app to get started. Choose the payment method and credit card you want to use (MasterCard is only accepted on the website). Sign up. Tap to set up your first purchase and choose whether to use credit, a deferred payment plan, or other payment methods. It will ask for your banking details for you to sign up.

Tap to confirm and get a unique and secure number to receive notifications, direct messages, and other payments. Follow the given steps. When you make the next purchase, check your progress and track how much you spent on your purchases in the app. Your balances are added to the first purchase and removed from your next purchase. Utilize the buy now pay later option!