Jessica Dean: A Compassionate That Cares


When you need a lawyer that can show compassion for the wrong you suffered, Jessica Dean is your answer to that problem. She has fought to obtain justice for people who have lost loved ones to cancers and other illnesses they wouldn’t have had if their jobs weren’t so careless with following safety policies. It’s good to have someone like her in your corner because it shows that employers need to do a better job taking care of the environment in which their employees work. Jessica Dean will make sure to argue that point as well as fight to get workers the wages they should have. 

Being licensed by the State Bar Of Texas, Jessica Dean was admitted to the U.S. District Court for the northern, eastern, and western districts of Texas. She is also licensed by the state bars of both Pennsylvania and California. Also, she has been recognized and named as a Texas Super Lawyer Rising Star Honoree for the past eight years. Plus, Dean was voted as one top 40 lawyers in Dallas. This is a woman who loves her job and has a gift for getting justice for people who can’t fight for themselves. 

It’s important to note that Jessica Dean works at the law firm called Dean Omar Branham Shirley. This is a group of lawyers who hold the same compassion that she does for her clients. If you find yourself in a bind with your employer, need to help with a hospital that didn’t do your surgery right, or have a loved one die in a professional setting for careless reasons on the part of the other party, this is the law firm to call. Jessica Dean and her team of lawyers will look after you.