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Nickel and Dime: Yuri Milner

Yuri Milner is a man who wants to do what he can to further space exploration in his time. One of the things that he and his wife have done is to sign a document called the Giving Pledge. This is something that has been signed by people like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett. The main goal of this pledge is to donate half of their fortunes to philanthropic causes. Yuri Milner wants to do waht he can in order to make a difference. That is why he signed the pladge in the first place. He wants to make sure that space exploration is well financed into the future.

Yuri Milner has also been the sponsor of a worldwide contest. He is able to present the top five prize winners with three million dollars each. This is to help people aspire to do more in the space industry. There is also a junior challenge for teenagers as well. It challenges tenenagers between thirteen to eighteen years old to try to answer a big science question in a brief video. The winner of the prize gets two hunderd and fifty thousand dollars toward their college education. The teacher who inspired them and the school get something too.


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Yuri Milner wants to keep things going in positive direction. That is why he and his wife are sponsoring contests like this. They love to see the ideas that are coming from the next generation. They know that it will be in good hands.

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