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Olugbenga Agboola releases the Flutterwave gates

Flutterwave is a Nigerian company that provides payment options in the global marketplace. Started in 2016 by Olugbenga Agboola, the CEO and his over 300 staff members dispersed throughout San Francisco and Lagos to form their headquarters. Several African investors such as Tyme Bank, Diool, and Stich helped the deluge of the Flutterwave grow. Additionally, with the aid of angel investors, accelerators, and venture capitalists, it only broadened the horizons of the new fintech company.

In the summer of 2016, Flutterwave was one of only 2 startups that were admitted into YCombinator’s accelerated program. This got Zachariah George’s attention, a former Barclay’s banker. He was sold on Flutterwave’s solutions and made the leap to invest.

By mid 2017, Olugbenga Agboola’s company had raised ten million in a Series A round. Series A is a crucial stage for new business funding. By then, Flutterwave had processed over a billion dollars in transactions. Come 2018, Mastercard jumped on board. That led to a Visa partnership which got them a partnership with GetBarter in 2019.

Also sitting in FW’s corner, Endeavor. Endeavor is a network of over 2000 and growing community of startup entrepreneurs in emerging markets. This may also help pave the way for more African founded startups to join the wave.

Olugbenga Agboola still has an upward trajectory in mind. Series C funding is on the horizon. Furthermore, he looks to list Flutterwave on the New York Stock Exchange. This would be yet another amazing notch on the belt of African fintech. Starting an IPO (Initial Public Offering) is also a very real possibility for not just deep pocketed investors can get a piece of the wave, but smaller investors as well.

Keep your eyes on this pony. Flutterwave has proven that it has more than just one trick. FW very well may be in your portfolio one day where you can ride the wave to success- a well deserved homage to its beginnings in 2016.