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Utilizing SMS Campaigns and SMS Reminders to Attract Holiday Shoppers to Your Business This Year

Why the Mitto SMS Gateway Is a Great Addition to Every Marketing Campaign

Mitto notes that the world highly connected with so many people using smartphones. According to the platform, the average person checks their phones at least 160 times every day – which is why SMS campaigns are still a great way to reach out to customers. The SMS gateway notes that using SMS effectively can help drive business because people carry their phones wherever they go. They observe that tests are opened 98% of the time compared to the 20% of opened emails.


Getting Started with SMS Campaigns

Mitto has the features businesses need to make SMS marketing a success. From sending SMS reminders to bulk messaging through SMS API, the platform has the tools needed to make marketing a success. Businesses can use the text messages to bring customers to their businesses, during product launches, for promotions and sales, SMS reminders for shipping, and for events.

According to the SMS gateway, using SMS guarantees businesses that they will get immediate delivery, better click-through rates, and you will only text customers who have opted in. With Mitto, businesses have all the tools they need to manage all their messages from the same space to make it easier for the text marketing teams.


Several Strategies to Try for SMS Marketing

The platform exposes businesses to several strategies to try with their SMS API. These strategies include drip campaigns, SMS polls, sweepstakes, SMS reminders, and many more. All these strategies come under the guidance of experts from the platform, so make them a success.