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Yubo’s Taps on Age Verification Technology

Yubo is a social live-streaming application where young people socialize naturally, make friends, and play games together. It is prevalent among Gen Z audiences who use the platform for social networking and hanging out with friends.

Sacha Lazimi, the CEO and founder, explained that Gen Z audiences see no difference between offline and online hanging out since they have similar needs. He explains that that was the drive in launching its live video feature in 2018 to tap into the power of technology in connecting people in a safe environment.

The application has seen an increased number of younger audiences on its platform due to its live video feature. The application partnered with Yoti to verify the identity cards of users recruited to submit their IDs for verification upon signing up for the application. However, minors are not ID holders, which was a significant hurdle in verifying these teenagers.

To overcome this hurdle, Yoti adopted an application allowing age estimation. The feature provides age verification for existing and new members as a pop-up or sign-up feature when launching the application. Once the subscriber accepts, the camera switches on, and the user places their face for verification in the oval part of the screen.

The new technology allows the camera to take a short video to rule out the use of fake images pulled from the internet by analyzing facial movements. Once the technology detects the user’s face, it sends a report to the user on the results of the age verification. If the age is confirmed, the user is redirected to the homepage to use Yubo as preferred. Where the user fails the facial verification, the report indicates the reason for the failure, and the user will use the complete ID check to use the application.

Lazimi explains that while age verification technology has been a game changer at Yubo, its accuracy depreciates with age. It provides accurate results for younger users aged between 6-19 and is less accurate for older users. Lazimi believes that with more analysis, the accuracy will improve to provide accurate results for older users.